How Can a Vehicle Tracking System Help You in Increasing Productivity?

When your business relies on trucks to transport services and products to customers, there are many benefits of implementing a vehicle tracking system. This type of management solution will give you complete and total control over your fleet of vehicles. That means you are in a better place to improve productivity and reduce the costs of operating.

One of the benefits of implementing vehicle tracking solutions is to save money. One of the places this is commonly seen is in fuel costs. Having tracking over your fleet will allow you to determine if people are speeding, something that increases fuel costs. Many systems will even alert you when a truck goes over a preset speed so you can do something about it. Besides speeding, idling can also lead to this issue. Tracking gives you the information you need to take action on these behaviors.

GPS tracking solutions are also excellent for curbing improper driving. Fleet costs can sometimes be lined up with improper driving or unauthorized use of vehicles. With a tracking system, you can determine all kinds of information that is helpful. This includes speed, idling time, and start-up and shut-down times of the engine. This may allow you to add new policies that help save money and increase productivity.

Vehicle tracking solutions can also help when considering security and safety. If a vehicle is stolen, your GPS will make it much easier to recover it in the quickest amount of time. Some systems can be setup in a way where you are given alerts if a vehicle is turned on when it is off-hours time. Another safety feature that is sometimes included is automatic alerts when maintenance is needed.

You’ll also find that your customer service may improve based on this kind of system. If someone calls in asking questions about a specific truck, you can find the driver in an instant and determine what they’re doing and how to contact them. You can also easily target the nearest vehicle available for a job, which saves on fuel usage and vehicle mileage.

At Ontrak Solutions, we offer numerous fleet management solutions to save you time and money. We can offer dashcam solutions, vehicle cameras, GPS tracking, and an electronic driver log that will keep you compliant with industry standards. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us at 888-377-5133.

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