Your Guide to a Stress-Free Baby Photo Shoot

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Business

One of the reasons babies are so cute is that they are not trying too hard.  They just do what comes naturally to them, and it is adorable.  It seems like when you try to take a picture of them, though, the grumpy face manifests itself.  Babies hiding their cuteness from the camera can happen even at a professional photo shoot with a Newborn Photographer.  Photographing new babies requires a different skill set from what one uses as a Wedding Photographer.  Brandon, FL parents can also do their part to make sure that their babies’ photography sessions go smoothly.

Sometimes Younger Is Better

New parents often hear that everything gets easier the older the baby gets.  While the newborn stage may be rough as far as feeding and sleep, it is actually awesome for photography.  Babies less than two weeks old are floppy and posable like dolls.  When swaddled, they are unlikely to squirm while their pictures are being taken.  You can bring your new baby to Pixel Portraits in his first two weeks of life for a newborn photo session.  The baby will be as cooperative as adults who go to photo studios for Headshot Photography.

Lifestyle Photography for Babies

Much as with a Wedding Photographer, Brandon, FL parents can have the photographer come to the baby’s nursery for a lifestyle shoot.  The photographers prepare for it the way they do an on-location photo shoot at a wedding.  A lifestyle photo session involves lots of candid photos of the new baby and his family.  The best time for a lifestyle photo shoot is in the baby’s first six weeks of life.  A baby is more active at six weeks old than at two weeks, so posed sessions in a photo studio do not work as well.

Having professional photographs taken of your new baby is easier than you think.

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