3 Considerations When Choosing Liquor Transport Companies

Many smaller wine, beer, and spirits producers rely on outsourcing of the transportation of their products from their distillery or winery to their end-customer. This means finding liquor transport companies that can handle the contract and do an excellent job.

Not all trucking companies are liquor transport companies, and in some areas is may be difficult to find a company that will take on this type of contract. This is because it is more complicated than transporting other types of goods, and training drivers and having the correct equipment can be costly in some situations, even for top trucking companies.

Experience in Transporting Liquor

When choosing liquor transport companies, it is important to ask about the company’s experience. This is important for several reasons, but like any type of transportation you want to hire a company with a proven track record of serving prior customers in your industry.

It is not outside of the scope of the hiring or vetting process to ask liquor transport companies to prove a few names of past customers of their service. You then have the option to call or email these individuals to ask about the company’s service and ability to get the job done.

Understanding of Specific State Laws

Transporting liquor, particularly across state lines or internationally, requires a very good understanding of state laws. These are very specific to liquor transport companies and their trucks and drivers, and they are much more restrictive than many shipping laws.

Failing to use a company that is aware of the local laws, as well as international shipping documentation and legal issues, can result in delays in shipment or having the load impounded or otherwise detained.

When this happens, it creates very real problems between you and your customers. They will not be willing to accept the excuse it is the trucking companies fault, and you will end up losing out on further business.

Equipment and Staff

Make sure you also talk to any liquor transport companies you are considering about their equipment, the trucks and trailers that will be used, as well as their drivers.

Top liquor transport companies will only use the best drivers and the well-maintained equipment. With their experience and expertise, they will be invaluable in assisting your shipments, both small and large, and ensure you deliveries arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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