How Can Color Printing Benefit my Business?

Colorful printed materials add life to your business’s image in the eyes of customers. Color is known to attract more attention than black and white, and it improves recall because it allows you to make a more memorable impression. Color printing in Chicago offers several benefits.

Printing Materials
Several different types of materials can easily be printed in color. You can print flyers, which are essential pieces of collateral for marketing campaigns and can be utilized for sales promotions or menus, for example. A company can also print full-color catalogs, brochures, manuals, photos and even postcards and invitations that communicate important promotions, dates and events. Even large items such as banners, posters and signs can be printed in color to capture the attention of both existing and potential clients.

One of the greatest advantages of printing in color is that customers can find information about you more easily. Research has shown that 76 percent of people consider color a feature that helps them locate important information more easily, which would also make them more likely to revisit it over and over.

You can also give your company a competitive advantage when you utilize color printing. Chicago printers can produce full-color materials that will make your message much more memorable in today’s business landscape, with 25 percent of people believing that information that is printed in color helps improve their retention of information.

Communication and Payment
Color can additionally help your communication break through. According to research, 54 percent of people reported that they were more apt to read marketing pieces or documents that were printed in color. Color is extremely valuable for counteracting the level of information overload that customers encounter each day.

You can also find comfort in the fact that color can improve your business’s cash flow, as 43 percent of people have a higher likelihood of paying on time when an invoice has critical information that is printed in color. Through a quality color printing company in Chicago, you can engage customers more effectively and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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