Advantages Of Stormwater Drain Filters

Many busy workplaces have flooring that becomes contaminated over time. Thin veils of oil and grease won’t pose a problem to vehicles or employees, but it can be washed off into your drainage system.

Over time, it can enter the downstream ecosystems and have a negative impact on wildlife. As a preventative measure, stormwater drain filters are a cost-effective and practical option that can manage the storm water by capturing the soil, fuel, and debris that is otherwise washing in from the site. The filter is unique and will sit in the drains, allowing rainwater to pass through but capturing remnant fuel, grease, and oil.

Stormwater drain filters can be found from many companies and usually have two parts. The main skirting contains an oil sediment basin, and it also has a Bilge sock that is filled with polypropylene materials that are absorbent. The Bilge Sock can be placed inside the oil sediment basic, which captures and absorbs fuel and oil in the water running through it. It’s also easy to dispose of and replace the Bilge Sock as necessary. The absorption materials inside won’t drop or leach any absorbed liquid and, in most cases, you can throw it away in regular waste bines, though you should always check with local governments for direction.

At EcoSpill, they have a variety of storm water and sediment control options, including seals, silt bags, curtains, and many others. Their filter products are an ideal option to ensure that no accidental spillage happens from your work site. You’ll be able to protect the local environment from any harmful substances and will also legally protect your business from fines and clean-up costs. Stormwater drain filters are an excellent addition to any commercial property because they filter out the bad so that only water is deposited into nearby ecosystems.

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