The Benefits Of Spill Kits In Melbourne

As a company owner, you probably have protocols in place to make the site safer. However, even with the best-laid plans, people will still have accidents, and liquids can still leak. Spills will happen at some point, so it is better that you’re prepared now by having spill kits from EcoSpill in Melbourne. While you can minimise the risk of spillage by assessing your machines, flow channels, and pipes, you may still have an accident that requires proper training and the right kit to clean it up properly.


Many industries are required to have spill kits in Melbourne at various spots on the premises. Anywhere spills could occur, a kit should be placed nearby to make clean up easier. It is essential that you have people trained to handle the spillage because people may slip or fall, or may use the wrong kit, if they’re not trained on what to do and how to do it.


By utilising the right spill kits in Melbourne, you can contain it effectively. The kit includes everything you need, including absorbents. Make sure that you read all the instructions before so you can contain the situation efficiently. Because spills are considered emergency situations, you may want to provide alarms and special signals to let others know that something has happened. This allows them to get to a safe location.


There are two versions of spills, toxic and non-toxic. Spill kits in Melbourne are broken down into three categories, including those intended for chemicals, non-aggressive chemicals, and fuels/oils. You can sometimes find specialty versions for mercury and other hazardous items, such as organic waste. It is best to know which liquids you have on site and choose the right kit accordingly.

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