BBQ Repair Services to Restore Grill Performance

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Cleaning Service

Nothing says good food like a good barbecue, and that is why it is so important to keep your grill in tip top shape. Every BBQ needs regular cleaning, maintenance, and sometimes repair in order to function properly.

Fading Performance
If you are thoroughly familiar with how your barbecue grill works and how well it cooks then you will also notice signs that perhaps your grill is not performing properly or its performance is fading. That’s when you need to seriously think about getting some BBQ repair. Breckenridge repair professionals say that these are some of the common signs you should look for when considering your grill for professional servicing or repair:

If you are experiencing uneven cooking surface then your burners are not burning gas at an even rate and may be malfunctioning or your gas lines are clogged. Another common problem to look for is a yellow or orange gas flame. Your flame should be blue and it is possible your gas lines are blocked.

If your grill is hard to light or the flame sputters then these are additional signs of blockage between the gas tank and the burners, or you could have a leak in one of the gas hoses or tubes. If that is the case, the grill should not be used until the leak is repaired.

Avoid Cooking Catastrophes
Spiders are attracted to the smell of propane and they can take up residence in your grill, blocking air and gas flow can lead to uneven cooking and possible safety hazards. Insects, especially spiders, love this space and given half a chance will move in as quickly as possible.

If it’s already clogged, avoid a catastrophe and consider maintenance and a BBQ repair. Breckenridge professionals can quickly take care of the situation. Among other things, they will inspect your burners and this can save your hundreds of dollars if you are on top of your maintenance.

Protect Your Investment
Isn’t it better to save your investment rather than replace your grill! Don’t let a faulty grill ruin your next gathering, or even worse, your business. Perform proper maintenance before you put the burgers and ribs on the grill!

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