NYC Dog Walking Services Are Available for Busy Professionals

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Pets

While you consider your dog a valued member of your household, you may not have enough time during the week to walk and exercise him. Therefore, you need to find an NYC dog walking company that can take over for you when you have to work.

Keep Your Dog Exercised Daily
Dogs need to be walked daily in order to stay slim, trim, and in good health. It is especially important in New York to rely on a pet sitting and walking service—especially since a dog in a confined space can develop behavioral problems. Therefore, a service should be able to offer a variety of options with respect to a dog’s level of activity. For example, if your dog is a high-energy type, the service should be able to run him in a park so he can obtain the additional exercise he needs.

Hire a Dog Walker to Walk Your Dog Daily or a Couple Times a Week
Dog walkers can walk dogs every day or only a few times per week, as required. For clients who cannot commit to a consistent walking schedule, a dog walking service is definitely helpful. Make sure the service provider you choose can offer one of varying scheduling alternatives, so you can get your dog the amount of regular exercise it needs.

Ask about Discounts
If you have more than one dog to walk, the service should be able to provide you with a multiple-dog discount too. Any service that specializes in walking dogs should be set up to customize their pet services for each individual client. That way, you can be assured that your dog’s pet care requirements can be sufficiently recognized and addressed.

Make Sure the Company You Use Is Insured and Bonded
Dog walkers in the city of New York should also be insured and bonded. You want your dog to be in good hands and protected when he is exercised or walked. Therefore, the service should be well established and known for the special care and kindness that it extends to pets. If you can find a dog walking company that offers pet sitting and boarding as well, you definitely will want to further examine the company’s offerings.

A Positive Way to Care for a Pet
Are you a busy professional who has little time to walk your dog regularly? Then you need to find a dog walker who can keep your dog on track with a regular schedule of walking and exercise. Dog walkers in New York can walk your pet individually as well as with other dogs in a group. It just depends on the nature and temperament of your pet. Check out pet walking and sitting services today. Keep your dog both happy and exercised. Lessen behavioral problems and maintain your dog’s health at the same time.

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