Botox For The Face: Your Questions Answered

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Health

Everyone is getting Botox for the face, but not a lot of people actually talk about it for whatever the reason. This deprives those who are planning to get Botox procedure done of useful information that might be useful for them. This is why we have gathered valuable advice from numerous doctors to help you make the right decision for yourself.

How can I get Botox for the face without any visible indications that I have had Botox?
According to a famous dermatologist, it is always a good idea to get less than what you think you require. You should then come back later if you want more Botox for the face is needed.

If I get on a plane or lean forward, will that spoil my Botox?
There was a time when people who had had Botox were advised not to lie down for at least 4 hours or were prevented from getting onto a flight for an entire day. But all these misconceptions have been debunked.

It is completely safe to put your head down, lean forward, to put makeup on – there are no restrictions at all of this kind.

How can the risk of bruising be reduced?
Many doctors recommend Down arnica tabs as it provides an all-natural solution for swelling a bruising. Therefore, a number of doctors recommend that patients take these tablets a couple of days prior to the treatment, and continue it for a few days after. There aren’t many studies to prove its efficiency, but it seems to work well on many people unless you have allergies.

The best approach, however, is to ask your doctor for advice prior to getting Botox for the face procedure done.

Some doctors also recommend that patients do not get involved in any physical activity on the day of the treatment, particular the gym. This isn’t because the activity itself will be harmful for Botox, but it can increase bruising.

Additionally, blood thinners should not be taken when possible. Almost all doctors strictly advise their patients to avoid taking Motrin, aspirin, fish oil supplements, ibuprofen, and omega 3 fatty acids for at least a week before coming in for the procedure. All of these make the blood thinner, making bruising more likely.

How can I make my Botox for the face last longer?
Some doctors suggest that moving the muscles in which Botox has been injected might actually help it last longer. On the plus side, making weird faces while going home from the doctor’s will reduce the chances of you having to interact with anyone!

How much Botox for the face should be used?
A lot less than many of the Groupon deals seem to suggest, When it comes to getting Botox treatment, it is absolutely essential that you go to a dermatologist who has years of experience with such type of treatments. With the right doctor performing the treatment, your Botox will get you great results while lasting longer!

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