The Main Duties of a Truck Brokerage Company

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Transportation

A freight broker is your connection to the truck and the driver you need. He is the link to the trucking company that ships all of your cargo to its long-distance destination. The broker does not handle the transportation part, but he does know the importance of good shipping. Before you work with a truck brokerage company, make sure you’re aware of what duties and responsibilities are involved in the work.

Satisfy the Customer

The main goal of any business is to satisfy its customers. Brokers have to determine the specific needs of their clients first of all. Then, they must find a company that can fulfill the order. They also must know whether the trucks can make it to certain destinations by certain deadlines.
It is the freight broker’s job to choose the carrier that is best prepared to handle the load for shipment. Whatever the final cost is, the broker receives a commission as a percentage of the bill.

Manage the Order

A truck brokerage company handles matching the needs of customers to the capabilities of an appropriate trucking company. Brokerage agents write down the specifics of the order, such as the weight of the cargo and the fragility of the shipment. They may need to find specialty companies that are willing to ship very fragile or dangerous items, such as glassware or explosives. Not all companies are qualified to do certain work and may not be able to commit to certain projects that come their way.

Brokers are important because the customer entrusts them with a lot of responsibility based on their abilities. If the wrong match is made, the broker is held as equally as responsible as the incompetent trucking company.

Assist the Customer

Brokers assist the customers as their orders are being fulfilled. They provide tracking information that allows people to review the status of an order as it progresses. They have to respond to their customers’ queries and concerns as quickly as possible because most customers do not want to wait.

Sometimes, professionals have to make changes to orders at the last minute. This skill is important because some customers become very demanding and hostile if one minor change is not made on time. Brokers are dealing with people’s businesses, so they must provide exceptional customer service.

All brokers have a list of common duties, but a truck brokerage company is different. Shipping freight is dangerous and unpredictable work most of the time, even if no accidents happen. The work of transporting goods by truck is long-term and could go on for weeks or even months. Bad weather, poor driving and trucking accidents are only a few mishaps that could happen. All potential customers must know what they are getting into before they call one of these companies.

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