Do You Dare Board the Trolley of the Doomed?

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Transportation

When you consider the fact that St. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city, it only makes sense that it would be a hotbed of ghost stories and paranormal folklore. If you’re a fan of all things ghoulish, you will definitely enjoy the city’s fabled Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour, which allows thrill-seekers to explore the darker side of St. Augustine in a guided trolley tour that explores various supernatural sites around the area. The St. Augustine Frightseeing Tour is conducted 7 nights a week, and originates at the Welcome Center on San Marco Avenue. If you want to experience a ghostly tour in St. Augustine – but don’t have a way to get there, Sax Taxi is St. Augustine’s most reliable Taxi and Cab service solution. With clean cars, full leather seating, and professional drivers – just shout out “Taxi Near Me” and give them a call at their easy to remember Taxi number at 904-800-6000, and they’ll get you there safely, on time, and ready for some frightful fun!

On this award-winning tour, you will board the “Trolley of the Doomed” and visit a handful of creepy locales that have a long and haunted history, including:

The Old Jail

This infamously insidious building is listed on the National Register of Haunted Places, and has an extensive history of housing some of the world’s most nefarious troublemakers. The souls of many criminals have perished within its walls, so it would not be surprising for this now-defunct stockade to be subject to a little paranormal mischief. Visitors from all over the world have experienced a wide array of strange and spooky occurrences, including loud banging noises, strange odors from seemingly nowhere, orbs of light, cold areas (remember, this is in Florida), and even ghostly appearances.

The Old Drug Store

If you ever wanted a prescription for paranormal fever, this century-old haunted pharmacy is definitely right up your alley. From the time it first opened in 1887 until now, this odd space has been subject to all kinds of strange hauntings, and the Frightseeing Tour will give you plenty of insight into the fascinating history of this spine-tingling emporium.

Potter’s Wax Museum

Wax museums can be unsettling all by themselves, but when you talk about a haunted wax museum, you’re taking creepy to a whole new level. The museum’s Chamber of Horrors is definitely not for the faint of heart, so if you’re ready for a hair-raising experience, you’ll appreciate the fright and folklore of this surreal locale. After the sun goes down, it can be very difficult to discern between what’s real and what’s not, so make sure to be ready for anything when you visit Potter’s Wax Museum.

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