Optimizing a Pet’s Health at an Animal Clinic in Honolulu

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Health

The health of a pet is important to those who love their companion with comprehensive veterinary services being the best way to manage it. An ailing animal has no way to communicate the problem to an owner. Regular check-ups at an Animal Clinic in Honolulu is the place where pets get diagnosed with health conditions. Many illnesses found in the early stages can be settled down with treatment or cured. Dismissing animal health care can be life threatening to an animal that has treatable health concerns. Even when a pet is not in the best health, a veterinarian can provide a health care remedy that gives the animal an opportunity to have a long, happy life.

Young dogs and cats should first visit an Animal Clinic in Honolulu around six weeks. This is the stage in life when the immunity they get from their mother is no longer in their system. They get their first immunizations for resistance to diseases, viruses and health risks that dogs and cats are susceptible to. Cats and dogs need their teeth, eyes and ear canals examined at each general exam. They get tested for harmful intestinal parasites. Pet owners learn about any health risks that are linked to the dog or cat breed they have and how the risk level can be lowered.

Once dogs reach the senior stage of life, they should come in for exams twice a year. Dogs that are overweight for their size and breed should be put on a diet that helps control weight. Joint and bone frailness is a common issue in advance age. Extra weight can make the problem much worse. They should get exercise they can handle. Extensive teeth and gum cleaning is done for older dogs at The Honolulu Pet Clinic, for poor oral hygiene can be perilous to their health. Senior cats need to see their veterinarian once a year. They get tested for intestinal parasites. Immunizations help them fight diseases that are harder to battle in advanced age. Cats need to maintain a healthy weight as well. Cats are independent animals that don’t always do what owners want on their cue. The owner can find activities the cat is interested in that incites willful physical play. You can visit them on YouTube for more video information.

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