Can your Dentist in Apple Valley MN Perform Implantology?

You’re never too young or too old for an implant, and as long as the body is able to withstand the surgery, the implant can be placed. Studies show that patients upwards of 80 had successful implantation. However, implants are not recommended for people under 18 years of age. The jaws should be ripened to an implant, and they are not mature before 18 years. If the implant is placed too early, the other teeth will continue to grow, and the implant will be blocked below the other teeth. Plainly put, the procedure will fail.

What are you allowed to do before and after the treatment?

The Dakota Dental and Implant Center Apple Valley MN states you should not drink alcohol during the first two weeks after treatment and there is no smoking for two weeks before and six weeks after treatment, mainly because smoking has a negative effect on the surgery itself and wound healing. If the patient is completely toothless (this also depends on the extent of surgery), it is permissible to eat semi-liquid food in the first week after surgery and chopped food from the second week after surgery. The patient must avoid using the area where the implant has been placed. If the patient has dentures, they are not required to use them until they are adapted to the shape of post-surgery gums. This is sometimes immediately possible, but other times it will take about a week or two.

Can the implant be rejected?

There is always a chance of rejection, but it is usually due to the negligence of the patient. A titanium implant has an outer surface impregnated with specially prepared hydroxyapatite crystals, meaning that biologically implants are very consistent. They attach to the bone to work as if they are part of the body. Sometimes implants may be aggressive and can lead to bone infection. The bacteria can be stopped by anti-bio-therapy through your Dentist in Apple Valley MN and proper oral hygiene.

After local anesthesia, a small incision is made in the gum (gingiva). Different drills are used to drill successively, making room for the titanium implant. After inserting the implant, the gum will be sutured. The implant will remain in the bone, covered by a rubber sheath, thus allowing its integration. A week after the operation, an appointment will be conducted to evaluate the healing process and to remove the sutures.

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