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by | Sep 15, 2015 | Transportation

Truck drivers with a newly acquired CDL are left with only one question: which trucking company to work for? There are many to choose from, especially since the trucking industry is an integral part of most business’ way to physically reach consumers.

A commercially licensed truck driver should work, not just for any trucking companies, but rather for the very best. Where to start? The best trucking companies to work for will take the following points seriously:

Creating a Rewarding Culture
Nobody wants to work for a company that disregards their employees. Believe it or not, there are trucking companies out there in which drivers feel like a valued member of the family, where management makes it a point to work along with drivers to ensure their success. Fair compensation, opportunities for bonuses and raises, and benefits packages go a long way towards improving employee satisfaction and inspiring loyalty and the desire to do good work. So does an overall atmosphere of respect and teamwork. A company that respects its employees and helps them do their best job is the kind of company to work for.

Putting Safety First
How committed are your prospective employers to safety? This reflects both on their commitment to their customers and their degree of commitment to their employees. The only way to ensure safety is to set stringent standards and enforce them through training and corrective feedback when necessary. Find out, too, their stance on driver fatigue and whether they take measures to avoid this.

Community Involvement
Another sign that will indicate you the best trucking companies to work for is their level of community involvement. When a company is committed to their community, it means that they intend to be part of it for years to come. That sense of solidarity and stewardship is desirable in a company if you’re looking for a long-term position with a reliable employer.

Fleet Upkeep
Another factor to consider in figuring out if a trucking company is worth working for is the way it takes care of its fleet. Ongoing maintenance and the use of new technology to aid in efficiency and fuel savings are all points to consider.

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