Choosing The Type Of Utility Billing Service

While many do not have much choice when it comes to their utility billing services, others do. In the case of many manufactured housing complexes, there can be a choice. It depends upon a number of factors. This will include such things as who does the meter installation.

Types of Utility Bills

When it comes to types of utility bills, it depends upon where you are and the installer. Utility bills may refer to the variety of services including gas, electric and water as well as sewage. In the case of water, you can find several rates being applied. Your utility billing services may involve any of the following:

* Water metered service
* Flat rate water service
* Automated meter reading (AMR) service

In all cases, it will depend upon your property type as to whether the bill will include solid waste management fees.

Types of Utility Bill Services

When it comes to utility billing services, a property owner will find him, or herself faced with a variety of possibilities. The manufactured housing owner or multi-complex or unit property owner or manager may decide that the bill will go directly to him or her. AS a result, he or she will make arrangements to pay it via:

* Directly to the billing company
* His or her bank or other financial intermediary
* The company (third party payment) that provided and installed the water meters

This latter form is often utilized by multi-complex property owners or managers. They arrange with the renters to pay their utilities to the one who supplies such utility billing services – the provider of the meters. In turn, this company ensures payment is made to the utility provider.

Utility Billing Services

When it comes to choosing utility billing services, it is essential you look at what they can or may provide. It is also important that you require these specific services. If you need one aspect but not another, make sure you can select a package that caters to your specific requirements. In this way, you will be paying for what you receive and not for added features that you will not use.

Among the utility billing services companies may offer are:

* Basic Billing: The hired company will do usage calculation. They will prepare the bills and ensure delivery of them to the correct parties. They will also provide electronic options such as bill delivery via the internet employing a user-friendly bill design.

* Payment and Collections: The company hired for the job will receive all customer payments through the various options available. While some people still may use checks, the most common forms will be online. These include payments made utilizing a simple and easy to understand payment of the bill on the net involving the various credit card options, as well as PayPal.

* Customer Service: Further forms of customer service will entail any billing inquiries, specific complaints, queries about the bill and other related matters.

In an industry with many potential companies willing to help you ensure all bills of your multi-unit complexes are paid, it is important to choose one that has the experience and a solid reputation. When it comes to selecting utility billing services it is very important to keep this and other related factors in mind if the choice you make is to be the right one.

Incorporated in 1992, we, at ABT Water Management are serious about our responsibilities. Across the United States, we provide various clients with services as diverse but related as submetering systems and water conservations. We also handle the administrative end including Utility Billing Services.

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