Coconut Sugar: Organic, Traditional And GMO-Free

If you are looking for a non-conventional sugar to sweeten your diet, consider coconut sugar, specifically organic coconut sugar. It, like other products made from the coconut palm, have been regarded as part of the necessities of life. This sugar, used traditionally by Pacific Island communities and others for thousands of years, is one way to retain your sweet tooth while watching your health.

Defining Coconut Sugar

To many Polynesians and Asians, the Coconut tree is the Tree of Life. To them, using it as a sugar is nothing unusual. It is but one example of what the coconut palm tree can provide them with. And the process is so simple. It only involves a flower and not the entire tree. It follows like this:

1. The bloom is cut.
2. The sap that drips from the flower is then collected
3. The collected sap is then placed on a heat source – such as a fire and kept there until almost all the water content has almost evaporated

The result is pure, unadulterated, organic non-GMO coconut sugar. This is what we sell online to our clients at reasonable prices. At Organic Merchants, we want our clients to be able to afford the health benefits that organic coconut sugar can bring them.

What Are the Health Benefits of Organic Coconut Sugar?

This natural sugar is also a natural source of so many positive nutritional goodies you can enjoy. Among them are:

1. B1
2. B2
3. B3
4. B6
5. Calcium
6. Inulin – a fiber that may be responsible for the low glycemic index
7. Iron
8. Potassium
9. Zinc

It also ranks low on the glycemic scale – particularly when compared to table sugar. It is, according to the Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute (PFNR), its glycemic index is only 35 compared to white sugar’s 60 to 65. As a result, coconut sugar will not spike your blood glucose or increase your insulin levels.  This is a handy thing for you, particularly if you are diabetic, to know.

What to Do With Organic Coconut Sugar?

Actually, you should ask yourself what can’t I do with organic coconut sugar? If you have coconut sugar to hand, you can use it as a replacement for your ordinary white or even brown sugar.  We recommend you to test your normal recipes with this new sugar and, if necessary, make adjustments.

In general, however, you will find it a replacement for brown sugar in a vast variety of baking products. It is the perfect companion to recipes that require warm spices of chocolate. It can also be used as a wonderful sweetener in your tea or coffee. Mix it in curry recipes or add it atop your pancakes, waffles or cereals. We say, go ahead and embrace our organic non-GMO coconut sugar. It will do you and those you care about good.

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