Command and Control, Remote Programming of Systems from a Central Location

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Security Systems

The technology to demand the best from the security is at its absolute highest. Innovations have expanded the possibilities, and physical protection of premises no longer needs to rely on a well-placed security guard and a metal door lock. Businesses also have more information to protect, and the overall connectedness of the world through social media, mobile devices in every pocket, and other improvements in technology allow for new vulnerabilities in security that companies can easily get behind the curve and play catch up. The moral of the story? Technologically advanced security is imperative for businesses with something to protect.

Remote Programming of Systems is just one aspect that controls a comprehensive and detailed security infrastructure. High caliber security service companies offer a thorough plan, from the central control panel back to the weaknesses in the existing security.

Command Central Station

It may seem excessive or comical in concept, but in practice a command and control center is the most efficient way to centralize security. The network security is run through this panel and center. The system can be quite complex, so training is provided for a period after implementing the system.

Where are the Holes?

Some companies already have a competent security system set in place. This may be efficient for the time being, but it is likely to have some flaws and some holes. A full security installation comes with an analytic review of the current vulnerabilities and gaps in the system. This report will pinpoint where a savvy individual can gain entry to a physical location or secured digital assets. The official document of this is noted as the Security Vulnerability Analysis.

The Enterprise Risk Assessment

Any Remote Programming of Systems can have its own set of vulnerabilities. This is different from current holes that can be exploited. This is a potential error or weakness in the system. For example, security needs to have a backup generator included to function minus power. If one area is breached, the system can potentially shut down entirely and lock. These are just a few examples of what can work when assessing the overall system for quality- and lack because of that.

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