Components to Consider Lighting Up with Low Voltage Exterior Lighting

The outdoors is a formidable place at night. With the darkness and shadows, it can be an extremely scary place. This effect is easily changed with the integration of a lighting scheme. With careful planning, the outdoors can turn a scary place into a welcoming place of enjoyment. These are a few things to consider when making plans to install low voltage lighting.

When surveying the yard, consider the safety components that need to be lighted up with low voltage exterior lighting. These components include pathways that lead to different areas. Stairs and railings are also important to light up with night activities. Since being able to see is a safety issue, make sure to check the final setup and add lights in areas where additional visibility is needed for safety. Depending on the area’s configuration, staggering the light can be the most effective means of lighting up trip hazards.

Consider the areas where relaxation is maximized during the daytime. Patios, bench sites and other resting places can be highlighted. These areas can be just as inviting during the day as they are at night. With the right type of lighting mix, these areas can have a completely different type of atmosphere. This can enhance how often these areas are used and can turn them into a place that you want to visit.

Plants can look dramatically different at night. The shadows can soften certain lines. Interesting parts of the plant can be showcased with low voltage exterior lighting. Plants that bloom are night are easier to see and enjoy. Trees are often used as points of highlights to increase the appeal of the yard. Sometimes, yard decorations such as stone sculptures can also be enhanced with light. Consider also hanging lights from higher above to create a different effect.

These are the components in the yard to look at when considering a lighting plan. Since there are many different low voltage lighting fixtures to utilize, the options of lighting the yard are endless. By increasing the visibility with Touchscape Accent Lighting, the usability of the yard and the visual appeal will increase dramatically.

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