Options For Outdoor Accent Lighting Throughout The Landscaping

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Lighting

For many homeowners with larger front or backyard areas or with pools and outdoor living spaces that may be away from the house, having outdoor accent lighting distant from the home is an important consideration.

There are different considerations when selecting the correct type of outdoor accent lighting for large areas. As it is often difficult to imagine or to have the ability to visualize just how different lighting fixtures will look when there are large spaces and different lighting needs, working with an experienced lighting company is an essential consideration.

Pools of Light

Alongside pathways and in areas of landscaping, one of the most beautiful and soft types of outdoor accent lighting is to create the illusion of a series of pools of light. To create this effect a fixture is used that typically stands about 28 inches off the ground, allowing it to be located above the shrubs and landscaping plants but also low enough to provide reflection off the tops of the plants or ground.

This indirect type of lighting will vary based on the type of LED lights used, but does provide an incredible visual experience both when up close to the light as well as from the distance. By selecting a smaller fixture and shade style, these fixtures blend in during the day and do not stand out as a lighting fixture in the landscaping.

Lighting Surfaces

To increase the height of the light while still remaining indirect with the light focus, consider an uplight or a downward light. This is a more diffuse option that a standard floodlight or a spotlight, giving a much more natural look as opposed to a harsh, artificial type of light.

When choosing the ideal surface to display in the uplight, or a downlight mounted in a tree or on a fence or a wall area, consider the features you want to highlight and what you want to make as the focus. You can also choose a series of smaller multi-lights to create an interesting light pattern, perfect for a long outdoor area such as a fence or even a rock wall.

When choosing outdoor accent lighting remember that these are to accent and not to provide a primary source of illumination. Smaller, softer outdoor accent lighting is much more natural looking and creates a romantic and elegant look without being harsh, glaring, or seeming out of context with the atmosphere you are trying to create with your outdoor lighting scheme.

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