Conventional Or Addressable Fire Alarm Systems?

If you are considering putting in a new system or updating your old fire alarm systems in Illinois, essentially, you have two choices: manual or automatic. However, if you have a large industry, own a busy office tower or run a restaurant or other eatery, you will definitely require an automatic fire alarm system. This is what is recommended by such professionals as the Getz Fire Equipment Company. Yet, since there are two types of automatic fire alarms systems, the question you will face is which type: conventional or addressable.?

Conventional (or Collective) Fire Alarm Systems

With an automatic fire alarm system, you have a central control panel. To it are attached various sensors that detect any issues. If you decide to install a conventional fire alarm system, you will have a central control panel and the sensors. They will all be active in one of several zones. If a fire is sensed, the senor will activate the alarms and sprinklers that are situated in that particular zone. At the same time, the control panel will indicate by a light, in which zone the problem is occurring.

Is this the right type of fire alarm system? In Illinois, you can join many small business owners that utilize this system. However, since the light on the panel does not pinpoint the exact component triggering the signal, it is not as efficient or effective for larger premises.

Addressable (or Analogue) Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable fire alarm systems are the most recent and modern. They have increased intelligence capability. They employ a system that creates a complete circuit sweep of all sensors. The system provides each of the sensors with a position (address) on the panel. Once a sensor is activated, the alarm is set off and the appropriate response is supplied only to the address of that specific sensor. It does not activate the response for an entire zone as is the case with a conventional fire alarm system. The system also provides clear data to firefighters and personnel exactly where the fire or issue is taking place.

If you have a large facility in Illinois, this is the type of fire alarm system you should consider employing. It is also ideal if you have several buildings or structures that are interconnected. This is because they are capable of pinpointing the exact location while conventional fire alarm systems are not. It prevents losing time searching for the specific sensor that set off the alarm. These fire alarm systems are also designed to decrease the instances of false alarms.

Finding the Right Fire Alarm Systems

If you are looking for the right commercial-type fire alarm systems in Illinois, consider your best options. If you have smaller premises, you should probably opt for the conventional fire alarm system. If you have several connected facilities or a large structure, you are better off installing an addressable fire alarm system. Whichever option and make you decide will prove to be most effective, make sure it is installed only by professionals such as those at Getz Fire Equipment Company.

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