Custom Water Tanks: The Perfect Solution for Any Industry

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Business

Most industries require complex liquid storage units. They look for solutions that are modern, efficient and cost-effective. Achieving a balance between these three factors becomes more challenging with space and volume restrictions. However, custom water tanks have become easier to plan and execute with advancements in technology.

Advantage of Custom Water Tanks

Contrary to conventional thought, customization of tanks as per needs of the industry does not consume tremendous amounts of time. In fact, the engineering tools available today have made possible the quick design, installation and configuration of such tanks. They can be designed for both outdoor and indoor requirements without any technical or functional compromise. Also, fitting tanks into relatively awkward spaces becomes possible as tanks can be shaped in various configurations such as ‘X’, ‘L’, ‘U’, ‘S’, and ‘T’. These configurations are also useful in tackling unusual flow demands.

Go Modular, Save Costs

Modern custom water tanks employ modular mechanics. This means that the whole tank design is broken into small parts, each designed to deliver highest efficiency. Custom modular tanks are built using these smaller “modules,” which gives the system great flexibility. The skill needed to install these parts onsite is minimum, which, in turn, reduces overall cost to the client. Also, if the need to move the tank to a new site ever arises, the moving process is greatly simplified due to the tank’s modular nature.

Make Leakage a Myth

The modular nature of tanks that have been customized for any particular industry makes sure that the entire unit is leakage proof. There are sophisticated monitoring systems fitted into the tanks that can detect any faults that may cause leakages. Even if leakages are caused due to unforeseen circumstances and a particular part is damaged, it is very easy to pin point the location of the damage. Even correction of the fault requires just the replacement of the damaged module. This ultimately saves long term repair and maintenance costs.

Toxic Environment? No Problem

These tanks are usually made from chemically non-reactive or resistant materials. Premium quality galvanized steel is one example of such a material. This property is very crucial if the industry is surrounded by toxic wastes or fumes that may penetrate various functional systems. However, a chemically resistant tank ensures that even potable water can be stored without running the risk of polluting it.

Many companies that deal in such tanks now maintain websites that contain technical and other features of their various products. Any queries one might have can be conveniently cleared through online correspondence, as well. One such brand that is reputed for unique solutions that adhere to all quality standards is. They also offer custom modular tanks on a rental basis or for short-term and emergency use.


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