How to Approach Asbestos Abatement in Brooklyn

Most people know how dangerous asbestos can be. At home or at work, when the substance becomes airborne it can cause lung disease, various types of cancers, and death. Many homes built before 1986 might have asbestos in siding insulation, flashing, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, and other parts of building. If the asbestos in the home becomes damaged, usually because of old age, it crumbles, releasing microscopic fibers into the air. Someone exposed to these fibers can carry them on clothing, skin and in the hair, putting everyone around him or her at risk.

Despite these well known risks, some homes and industrial structures still have asbestos in the insulation, pipe cement, and other areas. Most homeowners find it around old pipes and duct work. If the compound is still in good shape, it can be left in place with proper enclosing, but if it’s damaged, it has to be professionally removed. If there is any suspicion that a building has an asbestos problem, calling a company that does Asbestos Abatement in Brooklyn is crucial. While there are guidelines on how to collect samples of the asbestos for testing, the substance is so dangerous that it is best left to professionals.

Using only highly qualified companies for this job is of utmost importance. If mismanaged, asbestos removal can actually release more fibers into the air and put more people at risk. Checking with the Better Business Bureau and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a list of qualified professionals, or to ensure that a company doing Asbestos Abatement in Brooklyn is certified to do the job, is recommended. Before hiring anyone, one must verify that the professionals dealing with the asbestos have completed federal or state-approved asbestos safety course.

If the asbestos problem is wide-spread, hiring a project monitor can be beneficial. This individual will oversee the abatement project and conduct final clearance to determine if the area meets the regulation standards. The Maspeth Environmental Corp of Brooklyn is a certified asbestos abatement company servicing Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City. The cost of asbestos removal can vary from state to state and how much asbestos is found. The quoted prices range from $1500-5000.

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