Finding a Quality Suppliers for Fluorescent Light Sockets

Fluorescent lamps are unique both in terms of the light that they give and the sockets that they use. There is a variety to choose from, from a T8/T12 bi-pin to a T8/T12 single pin socket. In addition, some smaller lamps require a T5 miniature bi –pin, while others will require a T8/T12 high output or very high output socket. Because of the specificity of each of these, you need to not only make certain that you purchase the correct model and design, but that you need a supplier who can provide them to you when you are most in need.

The Uniqueness of a Fluorescent Lamp

The fluorescent lamp itself in rather unique because it makes use of low-pressure mercury-gas discharge that produces a visible light via the process of fluorescence. The fluorescent light sockets, then, are vastly different from other types of lamps. A fluorescent lamp ends up converting electrical energy into a useful light that can then glow inside the bulb. The various connectors that your supplier will stock will not be apparent to you. All you have to do is connect the bulb to the socket and turn it on.

Keep in mind that fluorescent lamp fixtures themselves are a bit more costly than traditional incandescent lamps, but not prohibitively so. This is because they utilize a ballast to regulate the current that runs through the lamp. The flip side of this is that fluorescent light requires less overall electricity, meaning that your utility bills should be lower in the long run. As a result, these types of lamps are quite popular in large commercial buildings, so they rely on a regular supply of sockets in order to replace them as needed and keep the light going.

Customization is Possible

If you are in the market for new or replacement fluorescent lamp fixtures, you need to choose a supplier that specializes in all types in order to ensure that you get the product you need. It does not matter if you require a low profile fluorescent lamp hold or a G13 socket, a professional parts expert will be able to get it to you. There are also many customers who will require a conversion lamp holder set, and this can be arranged as well.

Make sure that you make note if you need a single pin socket, or one of a bi-pin variety. This will ensure that you get the fluorescent light sockets that fit your particular model. This includes taking note of any need for starter base, circulene socket, or harness and jumper sets. All can be ordered quite easily, so contact your supplier today.

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