Industrial Coating with Thermal Spray

Thermal Spray is a generic coating process term. thermal spray uses a heat source (flame) and a coating material such as a powder or wire that is melted into tiny droplets. Those droplets are then sprayed at a high-velocity rate onto a metal surface. The process is also commonly referred to as metalizing. This high-velocity spray technique allows a finished application usually to a metal substrate and some plastic substrates. The reasons for metalizing parts is to improve their overall performance in equipment and other assembled components.

Smooth Finishes
Metalizing is an alternative to other surface applications including anodizing, chrome or nickel plating, nitride, or welding overlay. A finished thermal spray application produces a uniformed thickness range of .002 – .025 microns. The versatility of substrate metals to choose from includes steel, aluminum, copper, bronze and some plastics.

Generic Process with High Return
The thermal spray provides superior surfaces for resistance to corrosion, traction, friction of metal parts, containers, pipes, ducting, and all types of metal surfaces. This is an incredibly durable, universal application with an unlimited number of potential uses by the manufacturing industries.

 * Automotive
 * Plumbing
 * Chemical
 * Transportation
 * Oil and Gas Refinery
 * Electric Power
 * Food Service

The Early Days
In 1945, Dupont patented Teflon® which proved to be a very slippery substance. It took another decade to develop Teflon® for use in the home. The first form of thermal spray process was developed in 1911 by M.U. Schoop from Switzerland. Today his technique is known as flame spraying. Other types of thermal spray applications include plasma spray, Arc spray, and high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF). Thanks to their discoveries of these super polymers, the consumer benefits from the manufacturing of non-stick bakeware, food service equipment and much more.

You’ve won a Shiny New Car
Regardless of the industry, manufacturers can rely on the commercial coating specialists that provide a wide range of specialty coatings, finishes for all sorts of equipment, components and assemblies. In the end, we all benefit in some way, whether a shiny automobile, the public utility system, plumbing, or the gas that goes into the car, the coating industry delivers high-quality finishes using the latest scientific formulations.

Quality Coatings, Inc. has the client coating industry know-how to deliver a variety of finishes for all types of manufacturing industries. We increase product quality and decrease turnaround and costs.

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