Four Steps for Obtaining a Restaurant Permit in Orange County

Having the money and desire to open a restaurant is not all it takes to make it happen. To ensure the restaurant is fully legal and no fines will be charged, a proper permit is necessary. Obtaining this permit can be a little difficult, however. There are four steps involved in getting this permit and completing the necessary tasks to ensure the restaurant can open as planned.

Submit a Plan

A Restaurant Permit in Orange County will not be handed out until a proper plan has been submitted. This plan needs to detail everything about the proposed restaurant, from the number of guests it can hold, to a number of employees are expected to work there, and even what type of sanitation system and equipment will be available. Without the approval of this plan, the restaurant can not go forward.

Apply for the Permit

A formal application needs to be submitted to obtain a restaurant permit. These can typically be obtained from the health department, or even downloaded online. The application simply asks for the owner’s name and contact information, along with the name of the restaurant and the type it is. The owner will also have to pay an application fee.

Have an Inspection

A pre-inspection needs to take place before the restaurant can open. During this inspection, a member from the health department will do a full walk-through of the restaurant to ensure everything is up to date and ready for customers. They will make sure surfaces are clean, food is prepared in proper workstations, and all safety rules and regulations are followed.

Complete a Food Safety Course

Even after the application has been approved and the restaurant can open, there is still another component to the process. Within the first couple months after the restaurant has opened, someone from the business must complete a food safety course and pass an exam to become a certified Food Manager.

A Restaurant Permit in Orange County takes a lot of work to obtain, but those truly interested in opening their own place should put in the effort to make it happen. Before a permit can be thought about though, the initial design for the restaurant needs to be created. A potential restaurant owner can visit website to find a restaurant designer to help them turn their ideas into reality.

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