The Overlooked Bathroom Hand Dryer

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Sometimes it can be a good thing to be taken for granted. This is certainly the case when buying an electric hand dryer for a public bathroom facility. As long as the hand dryer is functioning properly, hardly anyone gives it a second thought. After all, it only takes a person a few seconds to make sure his or her hands are dry after washing. A cheap hand dryer is inexpensive, but still a quality piece of equipment that will provide thousands of hours of trouble-free operation.

Inexpensive Yet High Quality

If you are the owner of a public building, whether it is a restaurant or a stadium or some other commercial building, you probably know the benefits of a good hand dryer. Since you might have to buy several of these handy machines, you certainly don’t want to break your budget. The key is to find a hand dryer that is inexpensive yet is high-quality workmanship. You want a cheap hand dryer that doesn’t cost a lot up front, and that is inexpensive to operate and maintain.

A standard hand dryer should look nice in the facility, use little energy and be durable and resistant to vandals. It should give years of reliable service with very little maintenance, making the hand dryer affordable.

A Multitude of Benefits

A good electric hand dryer for your facility has many benefits, some quite obvious and others a little surprising. Hand dryers are sanitary because they are operated by either push button or by electric sensors. There should be little (or no) touching of the machine. Even the most basic models clean and dry hands in a short time. Many models come standard with antimicrobial and filtering technology, reducing the spread of germs.

Equipped with the latest technology, modern hand dryers use very little energy, making their operating costs extremely low. Automatic sensors allow the machine to sleep when not in use. Even when in use, the machines are energy efficient, and because they dry hands rapidly electrical usage is kept low. The new models look great mounted on the walls, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to fit the look of different facilities.

Budget Options

If you are looking for cheap hand dryer to equip your public restroom, you can choose a basic, standard model. This will still provide you with sanitary, trouble-free operation for years to come. More than likely you will be able to take it for granted.

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