The Advantages Of Using Klindex Products

Often when we think of products and equipment for natural stone floors, we think of the brands that have been around for decades. However, there are some amazing new products now available in the United States that they are making a big impact on the flooring restoration industry.

The line of Klindex products from Italy is certainly included in this group of the new big impact products. Klindex has a reputation for creating highly efficient, streamlined and specialized equipment. Their products maximize shine while minimizing the amount of work you have to do.


Klindex has a range of different commercial grinders and polishers for any size or type of job. They have radio remote controlled units that you simply set and let go. You can also use the remote control to make full adjustments to all aspects of the machine from right where you are standing.

They sell specialized hand grinders, perfect for countertops and smaller surface areas. Designed to be used on stairs, edges of counters and even narrow spaces, these are an optimal addition to your equipment selection.

Vertical sanders, steam and vacuum cleaners and floor care machines are all different types of Klindex products. The company offers a full line of diamond discs, pads, tools and products to use with their equipment.

Special Products

The line of polishing powders and creams offered through Klindex is extensive. They have specialty products for marble, granite, ceramics, glass and porcelain as well as terrazzo, travertine and palladiana flooring.

The company provides a range of different options for creating a beautiful shine on marble, including their own Kristallux, a product to use on both terrazzo and marble. This product creates an amazing shine with very little work.

It is different from other crystallization products in that it actually waterproofs and coats the floor, helping to develop a barrier against stains and surface wear. This is a great product that we highly recommend for areas of heavy traffic such as commercial buildings, restaurants and retail stores.

One other really unique feature to consider is that Klindex products are used all over the world. They are exceptional products, and if you want to learn more about using them, the company offers a free two-day training in Italy. We think this is a unique selling point and certainly a great excuse to take an international business trip.

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