Getting the high quality results you need with 100% inspection

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Business

Whether a company is involved with packaging, labeling, or printing and web use, it helps to know that there are consistent results across all media. This is possible by using a system that offers 100% inspection. This type of system can be used for multiple purposes and is a cost effective way for a business to guarantee consistent results in a variety of different projects. Any business can be assured of high quality results when they use a 100% inspection system to ensure the best outcome on any project.

Prepress Proofing

A 100% inspection system system can be used for prepress proofing when sending a publication to print. Any errors in the copy, graphics, or logo can be detected before an entire order makes it to print. Having a system in place for prepress proofing will ensure the best results for any project.

LED Camera Lighting

A quality 100% inspection system utilizes an LED camera as its lighting source for enhanced accuracy and the best results. You can depend on this system to ensure quality proofing for multiple uses. In addition, one of the benefits of LED lighting is that there are no bulbs that need replacing which saves on additional costs of maintaining the system.

Readily Available Defect Mapping

When using the 100% inspection system, it is possible to view the history of the defect report as the process is taking place. This is one of the many advantages of using a high quality inspection system to ensure the accuracy of any project. A 100% inspection system can readily detect any errors and will display each error as it is found throughout the inspection process.

Getting the high quality results that are needed for any project is made much easier with the use of a high quality inspection system. It is easy to detect the errors before its too late when a manual inspection is not the only proofing source. Operators of inspection systems can easily get the training they need to effectively operate the machine for the best results. In addition the software which accompanies this type of system is very easy to use.

Whether checking publications for copy errors or detecting misaligned fonts, there is no end to the multitude of uses that a 100% inspection system is capable of. They allow any business to enhance their operations with confidence.

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