Why Some Print Media Is Still Effective

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Business

Yes, you read that right – print media is still a viable marketing tool, especially for smaller, local businesses. Although the age of the Internet is fast eliminating the newspaper and flier industry, with everything bar billboards feeling the heat of virtual media, some forms of print can still be a cost-effective solution for a business looking to promote itself within the community. Here’s a couple examples why:

It’s the Best Way to Promote Credibility
Let’s face it – people still like the feel of a piece of paper in their hand. More so than banner ads and pop-up annoyances on the sidebars of unaffiliated websites – advertisement and marketing money that might as well be thrown out the window when you have such a small budget to begin with – investing in paper ads can be a great way to give potential customers something to literally hold onto, taking more of their attention and giving them a longer time period to spend with your branding.

Moreover, paper media can convey a level of trust that digital media can’t, because it’s something you can actually touch, hold and feel – that tangibility adds another layer of credibility and comfort.

It’s the Easiest Way to Promote Locally
On a global, or even national level, print media isn’t the wisest marketing outlet. Large corporations have the funds and resources to start viral ad campaigns, organize flash mobs, build elaborate marketing ploys and plots, and finance social media management.

But local businesses need something more visceral, real, and directly targeted at the local audience. Print media achieves that in unique ways that virtual media can’t. Something as simple as a New York Banners provided brochure, pop-up display banners at local expos, a take-home delivery menu, a business card – you can even take the best of both worlds and incorporate QR codes into your print media.

Print Is Cheap
As Statista has pointed out, print is getting cheaper. There used to be the problem that the actual physical printing for marketing would cost you a sizeable fortune. Today, both with the lack of demand and advances in laser printing, printing has become much more financially feasible – meaning it’s cost effective, too.

More Importantly, Print Is Cheaper
It may be easier (and directly cheaper) to make a virtual design, or have one commissioned, and then proceed to share it online through social media and other networks – but as a small business without much of an online reputation, getting the ball rolling on online marketing is a long-play. It’s more cost effective to invest a little bit in print media to gain immediate customers at home, before branching out into online reputation management and marketing.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective marketing method, print media is still a valid way to go for local, small businesses. However, if you’re aiming internationally, then your best bet is to rely on virtual media.

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