How Liability Commercial Insurance Can Save Your Business from Financial Ruin

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Insurance

When a business owner pours their time, effort and money into creating a business, it’s not surprising that they will likely be very protective of their investment. However, all that time, effort and money could crumble to the ground at a moments notice due to an untimely lawsuit that a business isn’t protected from. That is why business owners need to be fastidious about commercial insurance, specifically about insurance policies focused on liability.

When a person purchases a standard business insurance policy, it will typically come with a basic liability policy. This may be fine for some businesses, but it’s always a good idea to investigate other types of liability insurance. These alternative insurance options could potentially save a business from a lawsuit that could very well drain the business coffers dry.

The fact is that standard liability insurance can typically protect a business when people are hurt on company property. In addition, there is product liability insurance that protects a business from paying out huge amounts of money when lawsuits arise from somebody being injured while using a business’s products.

There is also liability insurance that covers things such as lawsuits stemming from sexual harassment. In addition, employees that feel that they were unjustly terminated can file lawsuits, and there’s also liability insurance to cover these situations as well.

To cover all of these commercial insurance policies beyond their existing financial threshold, many businesses choose to purchase umbrella insurance. This type of insurance policy is there to cover any overages that may happen when the financial thresholds are reached in a standard liability policy. This means that rather digging into the company funds to cover any overages as it relates to settlements or court-ordered compensation, the umbrella policy covers these payments instead.

Protecting your business is important. Hard work, as well as investments of time and effort, are what makes a business successful. However, they can all be taken away by one simple lawsuit. In order to protect your business from these types of occurrences, the right liability insurance, purchased at, may be exactly what your business needs to weather the financial storms that settlements and successful lawsuits against your business can cause.

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