How Price is Determined for a Parcel Service from India to the UK

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Business & Investment

If you sent a letter through your postal office, you would put on a first-class stamp and be finished. However, when you are sending a parcel through an international courier company, there are many differing factors, making it sometimes difficult to understand why the service costs so much when you want to send something from India to UK.

Why High

Courier costs have risen over the past few years because people need their items quicker than ever before. While the Internet, airplanes and faster ocean liners make the wait less, you are paying extra for these advances in technology. There is nothing you can do about the rising prices, but you should note that some parcel service companies charge higher standard rates than others, so try to find one with reliable service, friendly staff and a fair price.


Most parcel services will charge you more based on the type of item you are shipping. While higher charges are normal, it is important to understand what factors will change the price and why. When you ship a parcel to the UK from India, your package must be cleared through customs. A parcel service will likely include all the paperwork and pre-approve the package so that it goes quickly through customs, which will cost you a little extra.

Another reason for slightly higher prices than traditional post is the service provided. Most couriers will offer insurance on your parcel, so that if it is damaged, broken or lost, you will be paid the amount it was worth. This may not be required on handmade or homemade items, but if you are shipping a vehicle or electronics, it could be beneficial.

Other reasons for higher prices can include weight of the parcel, end destination, volume and whether or not hazardous materials are included with the package. If you ship something from India to another area of India, it will cost less than shipping an item from India to UK.


Many times, the parcel service will give you discounts on your shipping needs, especially if you are a new customers or consistently ship large quantities. Discounts can be found when you choose to use the new service, such as warehouse or distributing, and can also be found on daily or monthly shipments. This is why many people prefer to ship things constantly, so that they may receive a discount.

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