How to Choose the Right Forex Brokers Online

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Business

When considering Forex trading, it is important to find online brokers that will help you. This will not be simple and may take many months to truly find the right broker for you. However, there are many options and tips available, making the process a little easier.


Forex brokers offer spreads, which is the difference between buying and selling prices of a currency pair. Regular brokers want to offer a lower spread because this is better for their terms. However, a Forex broker wants to offer a higher spread so that they get the appropriate commissions. Therefore, the difficult aspect is how to find a broker that offers fair spreads and doesn’t cheat you or be cheated in the process. Most traders feel that five pips are a fair and expected spread. Anything lower may require extra deposits and stipulations and anything more than five pips means that you are likely being cheated.


During the process of finding forex brokers online, you will likely choose one to find out after a month or so that you made a mistake. The best thing to do is switch brokers and continue on with a new one until you find one that offers the spread you like and any other bonuses, such as leverage and margins. The best way to switch brokers is to use those with a free demo. While you aren’t making or losing money, it is a great way to see how the site functions and understand the spread intake before you actually start trading.


Once you make money trading with Forex brokers, you want to be able to receive your money. Many brokers offer a low withdrawal amount but require you to pay part of that withdrawal. Others will expect you to earn quite a bit of money through their services before withdrawing. While it is different with each broker, you should consider when to get paid and find out about hidden fees before using your money.

You should also consider how the payments are received. Many online brokers like to use PayPal, though you may want it put directly on your credit or debit card. Make sure they offer payment options that you want.


While most people don’t pay attention, look for regulated brokers, because they are more stable and reliable, as there is an authority regulating the trades.

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