How Roughing End Mills Have Changed an Industry

Roughing end mills are manufactured with a variety of different pitches for hogging and roughing mass amounts of metal. You can find various types that can be center cutting and solid carbide in different lengths to accommodate whichever needs you may have. Roughing end mills are used if you require quick removal of metal and the wavy teeth are what make it possible to do so. The wavy teeth that the roughing end mills have allow is to successfully blast through the metal by creating a bunch of small chips, and leaving behind a rough surface that will need to be finished to desired smoothness.

Another Name to Go By

Another name that roughing end mills tend to go by can be hoggers, or ripping cutters because of how they complete the task at hand. The carbide industry requires a great deal of precision to be able to create tools that meet certain specifications and requirements. While of course you will want to invest in roughing end mills that handle the cutting, but precisions as well as quality play an integral role as well. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of hogging a piece of metal and then your roughing end mills break on you leaving you with essentially nothing but torn up metal. This can be a dangerous task and therefore this is where the precision and high quality come into play.

Accuracy and Durability

Roughing end mills must be completely accurate and that is why many turn to carbide cutting tools which are known for their durability, precision and reliability. They last longer, which overall enhances overall production rates leaving both your company and clients happy. The success of a project almost solely relies upon the accuracy of your roughing end mills. There are different materials in which these end mills could be crafted from, stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium but the carbide core offers a higher strength during strenuous and grueling production.

In comparison to how production was conducted back in the day, roughing end mills cut down the amount of time spent/man hours significantly. While being able to withstand extreme amount of pressure and excessive use, there is no worry about them snapping, breaking, chipping and/or not being able to handle the task at hand. Instead of relying on human precision, machines can now increase the precision levels which optimizes safety and reduces the risks of error.

Carbide Connection has the highest quality end mill on the market today. They are a leading roughing end mill supplier in the United States.

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