What are Custom Metal Spacers?

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Business

Spacers are used in different industries. They are used in a broad range of applications. You find them in orthodontic applications and even at home as they are used in creating machines, tools, etc. Spacers are valuable components in industries like electrical, automotive, aerospace and even agricultural industries. For those who are not familiar, what are spacers? What is their purpose? Spacers are crucial in industries as they are used to protect against steel corrosion. They work as a snug fit between 2 parts and can also be used for iron connection.

Materials Used in Creating Spacers

In creating spacers, there are various kinds of materials used. Depending on your need, you may even opt for a custom metal spacer. From carbon steel to PVC, you get to choose from nonmetal to metal materials based on your requirements. But among industries, metal is the most preferred material in creating spacers.

Metal has outstanding properties compare to its counterparts. For instance, aluminum and stainless steel are known to be highly resistant to corrosion. These materials are also durable which make them good material choices in making spacers. To create vibration buffer, others make use of copper as it is relatively softer and can offer more flexibility. For electrical applications, copper and bronze are used for such spacers. If you want a highly durable and robust metal spacer, carbon steel is the material to have. It is known for its strength plus you get to reduce costs and save money. For materials used in the aerospace industry, they vary as the specifications need to follow standards. They use high temperature and cobalt grade materials for metal spacers used in this particular industry.

Custom Metal Spacers

Depending on the needs of your business, you can have custom metal spacers that are specially designed and develop to your requirements. Find a specialist who has established its reputation and credibility in providing high quality, durable and efficient spacers. Choose among the different high grade materials that you want to use for your metal spacers. To create the spacers, they undergo manufacturing process. The materials chosen are delivered to the area of production and using specific machines, metal spacers are checked and thoroughly examined if they pass the quality standards. By using a calibration equipment, experts can easily identify even the slightest imperfection and fix them right away.

Spacers have numerous functions and applications. Just before you find a company, make sure that you take time to have your research and choose the best materials suitable to your personal or business needs.

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