Creative Solutions for Connecting the Dots of Brand Heritage

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Business

Brand heritage is a very important tool. It is often used to define corporate culture and leadership. Putting together the heritage can take on a life of its own. It is actually a very fascinating process to look back on how a brand got its started and all the little events that have culminated over the course of the lifetime of the brand that has made it what it is today. Presenting that information is celebration of an anniversary or just to have an accurate historical record on hand is not as simple as connecting the dots on a time line, not if you want to really represent the historical information accurately.

Creativity is Key

To truly express the history of a brand it takes commitment, research and creativity. The older the brand the more information there is that has to be filtered through. The research that is required can include filtering through historic documents, news clippings, company historical records and even oral histories. The creativity comes into play when it all has to come together in a comprehensive “story” about the brand. An experienced team can:

   *   Provide the consultation that can help to accurately represent the brands history
   *   Pull together all the research
   *   Present it all in a creative format that tells the story accurately

The right team has to be part investigator and part story teller. There also has to be a commitment to the client. Each unique brand story has to be approached from the perspective that it is unique or it just does not work to make the brand “authentic”.

Time Lines

Heritage is not just a time line. Heritage is the birth and the progression of a brand. When done right it can have a huge influence on how the brand is perceived. When done without the right support, it is just a time line without impact.

The History Factory specializes in creative solutions for heritage management and has provided support to their clients by producing unique products that bring the impact heritage should.

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