Teflon Lined Valves

Valves are significant in every industry as they provide fluid regulation and control. Since there are so many variants out there, our role as consumers is to research on the specific applications of different valve types so we can make a well-informed decision. Before buying a product, one of the factors you need to consider is the lining of the valve. Although valves of different makes and models may look the same, the lining materials and methods highly influence costs, application and quality.

The Benefit of Using Lined Valves

Lined valves are prominently used in industries that deal with corrosive materials and fluids. In contrast to their alloy counterparts, lined valves are more resistant to corrosion regardless of the fluid type. This positively affects economy since you don’t have to endlessly match alloy valves with the fluids you need to use.

In the like manner, lined valves, unlike alloy valves, are not influenced by changes in chemical composition or temperature. Hence, once you use lined valves, you can eliminate hazards when dealing with almost every type of potentially dangerous fluid.

Teflon Lined Valve
Among the most commonly used lining type is Teflon because of its significant features. By nature, Teflon is highly resilient to high temperatures, atmospheric changes and other external factors. Since Teflon is popular for its low friction level, it can completely seal the valve even at low temperatures. This is in addition to its resistance against either climate or synthetic changes.

Since this is the case, Teflon lined valve is the number one choice of most industries. Because of its flexibility and economic impacts on different types of operations and productions, it is now stepping into the spotlight in terms of handling a wide variety of fluids.

Teflon Lined Valve Types and Their Applications

Lined valves made up of Teflon may all be resistant to external variables, but they also have their own applications. Below are 2 of the most common Teflon lined valve types, together with their usage:

  • Teflon Lined Ball Valves: Ball valves are vastly used in shut-off operations. Since they could provide a complete seal, they can be used by industries that handle corrosive fluids.
  • Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves: Mostly utilized as a throttling valve, Teflon lined butterfly valves, just like ball valves, can handle corrosive materials. It can be maneuvered mechanically, pneumatically or electronically.

Teflon lined valves are crucial for industries, big and small. With dynamic features that can handle almost all types of fluids, there is no need to wonder why these valves are rising in popularity.

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