How To Buy Gravel Bags

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Business

There may be a time when a property manager or a homeowner has to Buy Gravel Bags. This may be for a variety of reasons. Gravel bags provide optimum filtration and can also prevent muddy water from flowing into roads or drains. Other uses include berm stabilization, stormwater filtration, and mitigating runoff of any kind.

Form a Perfect Barrier

Contractors or pavers sometimes Buy Gravel Bags to create a barrier. This may comprise of a single row of bags that are installed from one end of a site to the other to form a barrier across a slope. This may be done to lessen water flow velocity, to intercept runoff, or to provide removal of sediment. Gravel bag barriers can also be used where water flows are centrally located, such as in ditches or storm drain inlets.

Gravel Bags versus Sand Bags

Gravel bags and sand bags are not interchangeable items. There are some major differences between the two, with unique uses for each. Using the proper applications is crucial to the success of any job, but using the wrong application can lead to failures and actually create more damage. Sand bags are generally used to divert or stop water from flowing in a particular direction. They are meant to allow water to pool behind them and are often used for linear barriers, for flood control, or for re-routing water. Gravel bags are used to slow the flow of water and allow some ponding of water so that sediment can settle out of solution.

Deal With a Bag Supplier That Stocks All Materials

Certain jobs may require gravel bags, while others may be best suited for sand bags. Customers should find a supplier that not only offers those choices but others as well. These may include flood bags, as well as sand sacks or bulk bags. Find a supplier that can offer bags that come in a variety of colors, sizes, and weights. Customers should insist that the bags are high strength with high ultraviolet ratings, and are securely sewn for maximum durability. These bags should provide rugged solutions for a variety of uses ranging from flood protection and control to plastic sheeting to anchoring tarps.

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