Why Would You Need a CO2 Laser Cutter?

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Business

Carbon dioxide layers are continuous wave lasers, which means they produce a continuous electrical current, and thus a continuous laser. They’re the highest powered lasers currently available for purchasing. Carbon dioxide, and nitrogen are typically mixed in the laser cutter to create the most stable laser. When the electrical current passes through the gas, the stability of the laser is determined by the electrical current as well as the gas itself. Carbon dioxide is capable of handling a very large electrical load. Why would you need a powerful CO2 laser cutter?

Engraving Wood

A CO2 laser cutter is typically associated with industrial applications such as cutting metal, and machining parts with very high precision. However, an entry-level laser cutter can be used for much more than that. Oftentimes, people will use a laser cutter to engrave wood. You can program design into the machine, and allow it for machine the wood with very high precision, and accuracy.

You can typically use an entry-level laser cutter to engrave plywood or any wood with a similar hardness. The wood needs to be hard to hold the shape properly.

Engraving Metal

Depending on the power of your CO2 laser cutter, it might be able to engrave metal as well as wood. Sometimes, you need to upgrade to a stronger laser cutter to engrave metal. Many people choose to engrave metal because you can create very interesting signs from metal.

For example, a business might engrave its logo on a large sheet of metal, and use that for a sign outdoors. As the sign ages, it will take on a patina that makes it look even more striking.

Machining Metal

Finally, you can use a laser cutter to cut metal with high accuracy, and precision, which is perfect for making metal parts, such as parts for an automobile or a firearm. They’re great for anything that needs to be made very carefully.

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