How to Expedite Your Passport Application

There are times when you can’t afford to have your passport application go through the regular processing schedules. An earlier flight or an urgent meeting may require you to have a passport much sooner than expected. It’s a good thing that the government offers expedited processing for situations like these. Read on to know how you can expedite your passport application.

Passport Agency / Acceptance Facility
You can apply for an expedited passport from any passport agency. Make an appointment through the online passport appointment system or call the passport agency or acceptance center to ask for the best time to come as a walk-in. Prepare your documents and fill out the forms. Do not neglect to inform the agency that you want your application expedited, which could take a processing time of fewer than three weeks if you need to travel within three weeks, or a processing time of fewer than 4-6 weeks.

For the former, the center may require you to show proof of travel. For the latter, there is no need to provide a reason for the expedited processing request. You can also request for same-day passport processing, but this is limited to life or death emergencies and requires more documents as proof.

You will be required to pay $60 for expedited processing on top of the normal application fee. Gather the needed documents and set an appointment by phone or online. It is best to call the facility to make an appointment before you show up to ensure that you have a slot once you come in.

An expedited passport request is your best chance at getting a passport for an earlier trip. As long as your documents are complete, you can request an expedited passport and receive your passport in the mail in the shortest time possible.

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