Of Course You Need an Umbrella That Screams Fashionista

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Umbrella

You cannot go out with just any umbrella. What would people think? You are put together from head to toe, and an umbrella is considered an accessory. In fact, you might find it useful to have more than one around, because it must match your outfit after all. A designer umbrella doesn’t mean a name brand. It can also mean the perfect bumper shoot to complement your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing. You have more than one coat, right? Consider these options for the perfect umbrella to finish your look.


Black or white or black and white – boring! Who says you have to be a child to carry a colorful umbrella? You can choose several bumper shoots in many different colors, including green, hot pink, lavender, orange, and yellow. You can also have a black one and a white one on hand for your neutral wardrobe, or you can make a real splash with a two-toned umbrella. You might prefer a white umbrella with a lavender trim, or an orange umbrella on the outside that is black on the inside.

Prints and Patterns

An umbrella is an extension of your wardrobe, so if you have that revered animal-print raincoat, you definitely need an umbrella to match. A designer umbrella can be made with any animal print you want on the canopy, or you can choose a pattern or print that better suits your style. Even though it’s dreary outside, a flower pattern on your bumper shoot will make it feel like spring, or maybe it is spring and you are keeping dry during the delightful spring showers.


For a true feminine touch, select an umbrella with a single or double ruffle border. This brings a definite fashion sense to your bumper shoot. You won’t look like everyone else does as you parade down the street in your ensemble. Your umbrella will be delicate, not plain, and the ruffle might match your skirt if you’re fortunate enough to have legs that look good in ruffled hems. Carry your animal print umbrella on days you’re feeling a little wild, and your ruffled umbrella on days you feel tame.

You might not have considered it before, but a designer umbrella is a must for any fashionista. The bumper shoot complements your outfit and also expresses your personality. If you are bright and bubbly, you can carry that hot pink umbrella with white or black trim. If you’re demure, consider softer colors. Either way, don’t forget the umbrella when you put together your next fashion statement. Browse the Website for more information!

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