How to Get Quality Injection Molded Plastic Parts

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Business

A manufacturing process where heated liquefied plastic is injected into a mold cavity and then allowed to cool down to form the shape of the mold is called an injection molding manufacturing process. There are several steps in this process.


The design architects involved in injection molded plastic parts in New Jersey will help convert your conceptual design into a two-dimensional representation on paper, using a specialized software package named CAD or “computer aided design.” This software enables a person to visually see the end-product on the PC screen, look at it from all angles and make changes to the design easily with a drag or a click of the mouse.


Once the design is finalized, a mold maker creates a mold based on the CAD drawings to be used to produce a prototype. The prototype will be the physical representation of the design drawing and can be handled and tested to see if it completely meets the needs of the customer. It is fairly often that the original design goes through several permutations before a finalized sample is produced and approved for full production.

The Actual Process

Once the prototype is perfected and approved, more molds are created and the product can be mass-produced.

Plastic is melted down and then is fed into an injection unit where it is injected into the molds. The plastic is allowed to cool down in the mold where it acquires the exact shape of the mold. The end-product of the injection molded plastic parts in New Jersey may require very minor touch-ups to complete this process.

Your Process Collaborator

I.F Associates specializes in injection molding on an industrial scale and they have been producing injection molded plastic parts in New Jersey for over 35 years.

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