Industrial Batch Mixer Vs. Continuous Mixer

Batch mixers are used in a variety of industrial applications for any sized business small, medium or large. They have some advantages over continuous mixers, depending upon their intended use. When choosing the right type of mixer for your operation, the specific type of application will help you to determine which one will be the most suitable.

Continuous Mixing Versus Batch Mixing
* Continuous Mixing – Continuous mixing is more commonly used for high volume production of a single product. The ingredients are fed into the mixer consistently in line with the specific formulation requirements. The constant flow of ingredients, mixing action and output are measured in kilograms per hour.
* Batch Mixing – Batch mixing is accomplished by loading all of the ingredients into the batch mixer in the recommended sequence, then commencing to the mixing process and the output of a single lot. This is measured in kilograms per batch.

Advantages of Continuous Mixing
Continuous mixers provide the means of maintaining a constant flow of a single product without interruption. This allows for higher production rates in a shorter period of time without the need to perform the tasks associated with cleaning in between batches and preparing for the next product. It is most commonly used with the manufacture of one particular product in a specified time period. Continuous mixing is a more economical means of mixing when larger orders are required and a final advantage is that continuous mixing is less labor intensive.

The Benefits of batch mixing
Batch mixers are the most logical choice for production of different types of end products. These batches would only need to be produced in smaller quantities in between changing the mixing formulas. An example of this is a bakery that processes several different types of bread dough or pastry formulations. The products are made in batches that meet the customer demand but do not exceed a specified amount, and then the next product is mixed in a separate batch.

There are certain applications across multiple industries that make using a batch mixer the most ideal choice.  The leading company in industrial mixers, H.C. Davis Sons Manufacturing Co., Inc. started selling mixers in 1894. They have been providing quality products for over 100 years. Contact them today for all your Industrial mixing, grinding and conveyor needs.

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