The Advantages of DIY Steel Carports

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Home Improvement

What are steel carports?

Steel carports are metal structures which protect your vehicles from harsh weather elements, like rain, heat, snow, hail, winds, and other things you don’t want all over your valuables… like bird droppings. Vehicles need to be covered in order for them to look as flawless as possible for as long as possible and metal car ports are the best structure to achieve this, especially if you aren’t allowed to build a permanent structure at your current residence, or can’t afford to have it properly built by professionals. Steel carports can serve as storage for car and truck owners and in addition they can be used to store boats, bicycles, motorcycles, or RVs.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to buy steel carports.

Manufactured or DIY Carports

There are many different types of pre-manufactured and DIY steel carport kits available to choose from which includes the following:

* AS Style: This is a simple flat roof design which ranges from a single standalone unit to a multiple-bay covered parking.

* CL-Center Post: This steel carport style requires a large center post (two purlins welded together) and it cantilevers out to its edges. With the CL Center Post style, there is no need for a post in every corner, yet this carport structure remains strong and sturdy.

* CL-Offset: This steel carport style features posts which feature double purlins welded together. The posts are fitted deep into concrete and the posts are set wide, so vehicle owners don’t need to worry about hitting a door on a post.

* FR Style: This style is almost like the AS style, but it features more framing in the roofing and it allows for more choices of panels.

* GR Style: The GR style features a gabled roof and it can be manufactured to fit many gable style homes or office buildings.

Steel Carport Designs

DIY steel carports can be constructed and connected on concrete, wooden decks, plain ground, concrete, and asphalt. They come equipped with various kinds of bolts, wedges and anchors to secure the steel carport design to these surface areas for maximum stability. Steel is one of the strongest materials in use for carports. Steel carports are manufactured with galvanized steel pillars or supports and a steel sheet for roofing, generally ranging in gauge strength. They are also heavy in weight, which keeps them grounded even in strong winds. Modern steel carports have a nice visual appeal and can be made to accent any structure. Steel carports can be used as freestanding structures and lean-to carports erected next to any building.

Solar Steel Carports

Just when you thought technology could not be improved for steel carports, then came the invention of solar steel carports. Solar carports work with the same principle as buildings, as they are installed on a carport roof and connected electrically to a power grid with the use of an inverter. Many manufacturers who sell carports have steel structured carports for residential and commercial use. However, steel solar carports are sold as one whole piece instead of installing solar panels after it is embedded into the ground. A single pole with solar panels forming the carport’s roof is made of galvanized steel. Solar steel carports are water tight because of UV protected gaskets which are affixed to the edges of each solar panel. The steel poles also can be widened to give vehicle doors plenty of room and clearance to park underneath.

For top quality selections of semi-permanent steel carports, contact Canopy Mart and check out the DIY carport structures they have on offer. They can be installed within a few hours, using frames and roof panels which are easy to clean and remain in place for years.


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