The Types of Common Strapping Tools

It is hard to think of an industry that does not need strapping, everything from bundles of newspaper about to be delivered to the distributors to securing loads on trucks and trains. The strap is basically a flat flexible material which can be steel, polypropylene, polyester, nylon or even lighter materials such as paper and cord. Every type of strapping material has its own uses which are usually based on the strength required to hold and contain the load.

The strap, regardless of how strong it might be is of no value unless it is secured after it has been tensioned around the load. There are a variety of strapping tools which have been designed for and are used for a number of different applications and materials.

Steel strapping:

The common methods of joining steel strapping is either using a crimp seal or spot welding. Seals are used frequently as the strapping tools that are available do not necessarily require a power supply; this is not the case with a welded joint.

Plastic strapping:

Plastic strapping can also be joined by a crimp seal, a buckle or melting the material at the joint. Melting the plastic is very common, depending on the gauge of the strapping material different sealing approaches are taken. Thin gauge strap can be melted with a hot knife while thicker gauge strap is joined through friction which creates sufficient heat to melt the material.

Strapping tools:

There are a variety of strapping tools that are in common use for both plastic and steel strapping material. There are tools that perform a specific function such as tensioning the strap, sealing or crimping and tools that cut the strap. As well as these unique tools, combination tools are also available that perform all the necessary functions.

Strapping tools that are used to join steel strapping are somewhat different but they perform the same functions. The strapping is first tensioned and then sealed and cut.

As strapping material is purchased in a coil it must be unwound properly otherwise the material will become entangled and extremely difficult to use. To solve this problem most manufacturers of strapping tools also offer a cart type dispenser for either steel or plastic material.

This discussion has dealt with hand held strapping tools which are ideal for low volume use. As well as manual tools there are strapping machines which are either powered by compressed air or for mobile applications, battery. The majority of these strapping machines perform all the steps necessary which include tensioning, sealing and cutting.

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