Decorating with Fabric Wallpaper

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Home Improvement

When you are thinking about decorating with fabric wallpaper, there are different tips you can utilize to make the wall decorations in your home coordinate well. Whichever style you’re looking for, the look of this type of wallpaper and ensure that looks good with what look you are trying to achieve. If you have a style in mind, you can choose a fabric wallpaper that will fit your décor.


Before you go out and purchase fabric wallpaper, the best thing to do is purchase a few small squares of different colors. You can then hang them up all together on the wall when you get home and see which one goes well with your home’s interior. It is beneficial to get the samples before-hand because you may think you like one option in the store, but it could look different once you get home and match it to the room you are trying to decorate.


You are going to have to make some decisions. Are you looking to match your room according to the wallpaper you choose? Or are you hoping to match your wallpaper to your current room? It all depends on how drastic of a change you are going for. If you want something completely different, you could purchase the color of the fabric wallpaper you like the most, and then accommodate the other furniture and decorations that will match the wallpaper. If you aren’t looking to do all of that, then you could simply find wallpaper that will match what you currently have in the room you are looking to change. You can also ask the professional selling it for their opinion or if they could custom-order you a certain color.

Change Is Good

Sometimes change is good. It is fine to want a change in your home when it comes to the walls, furniture, themes, and decorations. The good thing about fabric wallpaper is that it’s not a hassle to get off when you want to change again. Say you changed your wallpaper now, and then three or so years later you want to change it again – you won’t have to worry about ruining your wall when you take the wallpaper down to switch it out.

Carefully make your selection before you choose a specific color of fabric wallpaper. You want to be sure that it will fit style and color you are hoping for. Don’t forget the samples before you make a big purchase. Be sure to have the adhesive that goes for the style of wallpaper you choose. This is a hassle-free option for when you want to change the look of any room in your home. It is fine for any room of the home, even kids rooms, high-traffic areas, bathrooms, etc.

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