Deciding Between Granite, Marble And Quartz Countertops

For many Minneapolis homeowners making the choice between different options in natural stone countertops can be a challenge. There are differences between granite, marble and quartz countertops, but all are excellent choices depending on how you use your kitchen and the specific look and colors you wish to include in the natural stone.

The budget will also be a factor to consider, with quartz countertops and granite less costly than marble. Of course, for resale value, the opposite is true, with marble long recognized as the gold standard in countertops, flooring and even outdoor pavers for luxury homes.

Quartz and Sealing

While quartz countertops are made of stone, it is actually a processed form of crushed quartz that is mixed with a resin. This means that the surface is completely smooth and non-porous, and it will not require any sealing.

Granite, on the other hand, is a natural stone that is cut from blocks, as is marble, and, therefore, has the microscopic pores found in all naturally formed stone. Granite and marble countertops will need to be sealed periodically, but this is not a time consuming or difficult job to do on your own or to bring in a professional to complete the work.


For the same reasons listed above, quartz countertops are considered to be the best option for stain resistance. However, with proper sealing upon installation granite and marble are also highly stain resistant and require just basic maintenance and wiping down to stay looking beautiful, shiny and lustrous.


All of the stone options including quartz countertops are very durable for a kitchen. They can stand up to daily heavy use and cooking, but like any countertop they should not be exposed directly to very hot pots and pans.

The stone of granite or marble and the surface of quartz countertops can be chipped or cracked if it is hit with a hard object, but this is not a common occurrence in many kitchens. It does take a lot of force to cause damaged, and in most cases a professional can repair the damage without any need for replacing the countertop.

With marble, granite or quartz countertops Minneapolis homeowners have a good selection of colors and patterns. With the nature of quartz there are greater options in colors and patterns. The aggregate quartz used in the countertop design can be customized while for granite or marble it is the natural color and pattern formation in the stone that is highlighted.

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