The Versatility of Sprague Products

Boig and Hill is both a supplier and distributor of controls, valves and instrumentation and has been providing their services and Sprague products to consumers for over a century. From gas booster power units, to assembly dies and molds, their Sprague products are top of the line. Sprague products afford many an extremely efficient and cost effective solution to compress bottled gasses. Whether you require high or low pressure or need to adjust the volume of gas/air, their Sprague products will easily be able to accommodate.

Versatile in the Industrial Market

There are various reasons as to why someone may need to utilize any Sprague products which makes the company quite versatile in the industrial market. Back in the year of 1995, Sprague products had been competitively priced throughout the Northeast region of the United States. This include aviation jet fuel and the prices that they currently offer to date – are still competitively priced. The aviation industry is actually quite demanding, more so than what people even realize.

If you are ever in need of remotely monitored on-site storage, you can entrust in Sprague products. Whatever your demand and inventory requirements may be, Sprague can easily accommodate and looks forward to doing so. Sprague products are utilized by a broad range of customers, including corporate aircraft, national/regional air carriers, helicopters, airport FBOs, as well as skydiving companies.

Hydraulic Pumps, Valves, and Gas Boosters

Whether you are looking for some type of hydraulic pumps, gas booster or directional control valves, you want to ensure that your investment is going towards a product that is reliable and durable. Sprague products have stood the test of time and remain as one of the top competitors in the industry. When you hear the term Sprague products, you know that you are going to be using and/or receiving the best of the best. The Sprague products company headquarters is located directly in the heart of the country – Ohio, and Boig and Hill are proud distributors of their products.

Their knowledge and combination or expertise ensures that their customers are going to receive products that have warranties and will last them for quite some time. They would never steer you wrong and if you have any questions about other products that they have available, you can either visit their website or contact them directly.

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