Make The Most Of Your Sound System With Wireless Indoor Outdoor Speakers

Entertaining or just hanging around and listening to your favorite music is much easier if your system has the ability to adapt to your needs. By choosing top quality wireless indoor outdoor speakers that are compatible with your sound system you can enjoy great music wherever you may be entertaining, relaxing or enjoying time with friends and family.

With wireless speakers that can be used either inside or outside, you really have the best of both worlds. Not all of these systems and speakers are the same, so there are options on style, design, size and how long you can enjoy the sound before you need to consider recharging batteries.

Some of the best speakers avoid this issue of downtime by having both a DC battery power, which will feature a rechargeable battery. On top of that, they usually have an AC/DC power adaptor that allows the speaker to plug directly into an outlet, recharging the battery and keeping the sound going for as long as you want.

Wireless Range

Not all wireless indoor outdoor speakers are going to have the same wireless range. Factors such as line of site, interference and even signal loss because of noise can all impact just how far away from the source the speakers can be positioned.

The wireless range will typically be at least twenty feet from the source with some offering distances of up to 300 feet or more. You may want to consider the option to choose from different RF channels which is helpful when interference may be an issue that needs to be considered.

Waterproof or Water Resistant

If you don’t have to worry about rain or high levels of humidity, a water resistant casing on the speakers may be all that is required. However, if high humidity, rain, heavy dew or if you are planning on using the speakers by a water source such as a marina, the beach, a pool or a hot tub, a full waterproof casing may be the best option.


There are smaller bullet types of speakers that are very small and discrete, and they make a perfect option for wireless indoor outdoor speakers for around a smaller patio area or indoors in virtually any size of room.

There are even speakers that are designed to blend into the landscaping, perfect for both a great look outdoors as well as the perfect addition to a man cave or an entertainment or games room.

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