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The old saying goes that its ‘love that makes the world go around’, but here at Bruce Electric we know that it’s actually electricity. Electricity is what makes our modern day world, well, modern. Without electricity there would be no phones, no internet, no modern day lights for our rooms, no heat for our houses in many cases, and so on. Electricity is a part of what make life comfortable, and we aim to help keep it that way by selling the nuts and bolts of what makes electricity work for you, like circuit breakers, wires, switches, and more.

What is a Circuit Breaker?

Basically, a circuit breaker is an interrupter. As children are often interrupters to their parents’ flow of language when speaking on the phone, circuit breakers are interrupters to the flow of electricity in your wires. However, unlike children, circuit breakers only interrupt when it’s necessary, like when a surge of electricity is coming down the outside wires that might fry your fuse box and plunge you into the dark. Circuit breakers are designed to ‘trip’ and shut off the flow of electricity before damage can happen to your infrastructure, which is a very good reason for an interruption.

How Do They Work?

First in the lineup that makes up a circuit breaker fuse box are the protective relays. They are the ones that actually detect the dangerous electrical surge flashing toward your house or business. Once the relays have determined this happening, they send a signal to the circuit breakers to do the actual job of cutting off the flow of electricity for your protection, which they then do by physically opening to stop the current. Circuit breakers are better than an old style fuse box because to bring electricity back to the house, all you have to do is reset the circuit breakers to their original position instead of having to hunt for and replace a glass fuse in the dark. Circuit breakers are also customizable, being able to be made small enough to protect a single appliance all the way up to power plants powering a whole city, so you can always find the right size for the right job.

What Kind to Buy?

The answer to that one is not as simple as you may think. It depends on the use you need to put it to. There are many types of circuit breakers. There are low voltage circuit breakers, magnetic circuit breakers, thermal magnetic circuit breakers, common trip breakers, medium voltage circuit breakers, high voltage circuit breakers, sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers, disconnecting circuit breakers, carbon dioxide circuit breakers, and more. If you are unsure of the type of circuit breaker that your application needs, Bruce Electric’s in-house experts will be happy to discuss with you your project, and provide immediate, competent assistance to ensure your electrical needs are met.

So if you have any kind of circuit breaker questions, or need anything electrical and live in the New York, NY area, call Bruce Electric and let us help you shine.

Bruce electric is a leading circuit breaker supplier and provides obsolete &  molded case breakers in a great variety of sizes and types.

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