Inviting a Guest into Your Home – John Guest Fittings and Where to Find Them

For those who work in the industry of plumbing, household repair or home improvement, the name John Guest has meaning. A brand of quality plumbing, heating and cooling and other household fixtures, John Guest products focus on user-friendly installation and replacement, and long-lasting, quality pieces.

Some of the industry innovations boasted by John Guest fittings are items such as the SpeedFit or Push-Fit fixture, fittings that pop neatly into place with compatible piping to quickly and securely seal the lines you need them to. These products are great for professionals and DIY home improvers alike.

The only problem with this company and their goods is that John Guest typically does not sell directly to consumers. Instead, the brand relies on distributors or third-party sellers to bring their products to the customer. These distributors get great fittings and fixtures into the hands of both private and professional handymen and keep the brand in business.

Finding a Distributor

There are a large number of John Guest fittings distributors in Europe and North America. These distributors all focus on delivering these top-quality products to customers at a reasonable rate as well as making them available in their location. For fans of the workmanship and intuitive design offered by the brand, these distributors make household dreams come true.

For those interested in finding a reputable distributor in their country or region, the John Guest website offers links to sellers, as well as buying guides and other resources. A simple search will let you know where to find the seller closest to you, or where to order these pieces online for direct shipping. In no time at all, you can have one of the best names in fixtures fitted right into your homes piping system!

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